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Hey GBC family,

On Sunday we announced that as an elder team, we would like to put before you Mike Dahl to be considered as our next Associate Pastor of GBC. If you missed that announcement, you can go back and watch our livestream from Sunday. The announcement begins at the 1 hour and 13 minute mark. 

For a couple of years, there has been discussion amongst our elder team of hiring an associate pastor. That conversation began to ramp up in a more significant way this last July. As we look at the size of our church, the needs of greater shepherding and oversight of leaders and ministries, we began to sense that the need for an associate has grown significantly over this last year. 

Even as we’ve been asking God to lead us and provide for us a permanent facility in this city, it has become clear that upon moving into a permanent facility would only magnify the need for an associate and strain our current leaders in an unhealthy way. 

As we began to pray and bring this request to God, it became clear that God was already providing for our church a pastor from within. God began to work on Mike and Carrie’s heart in changing the direction of their lives. And so, since September, as an elder team, we have been meeting with Mike. We’ve interviewed him, checked his references, background check, credit report, and have had him do character assessments. 

Mike and I (Josh) have been personally meeting every week for a couple of months, talking about ministry philosophy, theology and what it means to be a pastor, particularly with GBC. 

We now are at the place where there is tremendous unity amongst the elder team, the staff and the deacons that God is raising up Mike and his family to join our team as a full time staff pastor. 

With that being said, the process isn’t over, and we want to hear from you. We want you as the congregation to be a part of this decision. So we want to call you to a couple of things. 

    1. Pray. Pray for Mike and Carrie and their kids. Pray for GBC and for unity in our church family. Pray for wisdom. Pray that the gospel would continue to be at the center of our cares and that it would advance in East County in this season. 
    2. Submit questions that you would like answers to from either Mike or our elder team. Submit a question here. These can be personal questions (get-to-know-you questions), theological questions, ministry philosophy questions, etc.
    3. Attend and participate in our Q&A with Mike on Wednesday evening, November 18th from 6-7pm. This will take place over Zoom. During this time, we will ask Mike questions that have already been submitted. If you have questions the day of, you can submit those in the chat feature during the event. (Meeting ID: 856 5678 7675 - Passcode: dahlq&a)
    4. After this meeting on the 18th, we will be submitting feedback forms to all members of GBC to voice your final thoughts and opinions regarding if you would gladly follow Mike’s leadership.
    5. On Sunday, December 6th, we will announce the final outcome at the end of our Sunday gathering. 
    6. If all moves along without alarm, Mike would begin serving as Associate Pastor on January 1, 2021.

This is the tentative plan. We know that God’s purposes prevail over our plans and so we humbly hold these before you to engage in. 

In the meantime, you can visit our website to read Mike’s bio and testimony. That page also has the link to submit a question to be answered on the 18th. 

We are grateful to God for how He has led us and is providing for us in this season. He is so good. Today is a gift, so let’s live it for His glory and the good of the world. 

Much love,

Josh, Anthony, Joe, Rob (your elder team)


dahl pic

Personal Bio

Mike and Carrie met at George Fox University in Newberg, OR.  Mike grew up in Spokane, WA and Carrie is from Bend, OR.  An important moment in their relationship was an intramural whiffle ball tournament (which is a story for another time.)  Mike graduated with a degree in History and a Masters of Arts in Teaching.  Carrie graduated with a degree in Accounting.  They were married in June of 2000 at Southwest Bible Church in Beaverton, OR.  They have seven kids: Weston (17), Grace (15), Elsie (13), Noah (12), Isaiah (6), Evelyn (5), and Owen (3).   Mike and Carrie have been members of Gresham Bible Church for 10+ years.

Mike is passionate about the advancement of the gospel in and through the local church.  

Mike enjoys spending time with his family, reading, sports (Go Hawks!), hiking, and good food.  Specifically, tacos and being on a quest to find the world’s best burger.  Carrie enjoys hanging out with her family, reading good books, coffee, hiking, studying the Bible with other women, and spending time with friends.

Personal Testimony

I was born and raised in Spokane, WA.  My parents were both first-generation Christians.  I was raised in a Christian home and am very thankful for my parents teaching me about Jesus when that is something they had not had modeled for themselves.

Growing up, I heard about Jesus from my parents, through different churches we attended, and at Christian school.  I felt convicted about my sin at about age seven and prayed for God to forgive me.  However, as I grew up, I doubted my relationship with God and felt I had to be “good” in order for Him to love me.  

In high school, God graciously convicted me of my self-righteousness and living as if my performance as a Christian earned His grace.  I confessed and repented and trusted in the truth of who Jesus is and the reality of the gospel.  The good news was that God’s love for me was not actually based on my imperfect performance but on the perfect performance of Jesus.  The joy of knowing Him and living to make Him known filled my heart.

Late in high school and during college, I was blessed through others who encouraged me to grow as a Christian through studying and applying God’s Word.  I gave myself to wanting John 3:30 to be true in my life: “He must increase; I must decrease.”  During college and after, I had the opportunity to participate and lead in different ministries.

I have always wrestled with whether I was called to full-time vocational ministry or not.  Late in high school, a pastor shared with me the advice Charles Spurgeon once gave: don’t do ministry if you can do anything else.  I thought I could probably do something else so I decided to pursue being a high school teacher and coach.

Carrie and I met during my junior year of college.  While dating, we began attending a church where God’s Word was preached expositionally, and we joined a small group community where we saw the gospel lived out.  This was a formative time for us.  We were married in June 2000.  I worked as a teacher and Carrie as an accountant.

When we started a family, we wanted to see if Carrie could be a stay-at-home mom.  I didn’t have a full-time teaching job at that point so I pursued work that would provide for our growing family.  Since that time, I have worked in the disability insurance industry and have had different leadership roles.  Most recently, I have been a Consultant with The Hartford.

After Carrie and I had been married for about seven years, we moved to Gresham in order to buy and remodel a duplex with friends.  Two growing families + jobs + remodeling = a fun and crazy time.  It was during that time that we came to Gresham Bible Church, and it became our church family.  Gresham Bible Church has loved Carrie and I well, from the faithful preaching of God’s Word to serving us meals during our foster care and adoption journey to helping with a few housing moves.  While a part of Gresham Bible Church, we have experienced the power of the gospel lived out in community. 

During the last ten years or so, I have felt an increasing and compelling desire to serve the local church in a full-time capacity.  Areas I have served in as a member of Gresham Bible Church include the set-up team, children’s ministry, small group ministry, and being a member of the preaching team.

God has continued to grow and mature me.  I deeply need Jesus every single day, and it’s only Him that truly satisfies.  I love Gresham Bible Church, and it would be an honor and a joy to serve as an associate pastor.