Sundays @ 10:00am at Dexter McCarty Middle School

Equipping women to be disciples of Jesus through community,
authenticity, and spiritual growth. 

Jesus hope for the weary

Women's Ministry Retreat 2023

Are you feeling weary? Could you use time away to rest, be refreshed in the Word, and to worship with other women of GBC?

Please come to the Women’s Ministry Weekend Retreat! Register here by April 12, and get all your questions answered in this helpful FAQ. Find directions and a map to the Molalla Retreat Center HERE.

We can’t wait to spend the weekend with YOU!

If you would like to donate to the Scholarship Fund for this event, please follow this LINK. 


Bible Study Groups

These groups meet at various times and places. Generally, they are no larger than 7-8 women and meet weekly. The groups either study through a book, or they study a book in the Bible. 

These groups pray together, seek to support each other and do life together and be a real refuge of community that points one another to Christ and His gospel. 

2023 Spring Bible Study

WM Amos Study

Amos: God's Roar for Justice
We are born with a longing for justice. Few things make us angrier than the feeling that we've been treated unfairly or that someone has gotten away with mistreating us. When faced with something that feels unjust, we wonder: where is God in all this? The book of Amos answers that question. God sees the evil in the world more clearly than even we do. For a time, he mercifully restrains his righteous anger. But, justice will not wait forever.

The book of Amos warns us to be just as God is just or face the consequences. Yet it also points us forward to the hope that those who seek the Lord will enjoy abundant life with him forever, justified by Christ's death on the cross for our sins.  

Join the women's ministry in a 7-week study on the book of Amos beginning the first week of April. Workbooks will be printed for you and the cost is $5.

Go HERE to see the different groups and to sign up.


For more information or to get involved, please contact:

Women's Ministry Director - Stacy Mathews at