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Introduction to the GBC Blog


A church resource for discipleship of our head, heart, and hands.


We are bombarded with information, and it is challenging to sort through and know what we should be digesting. For a couple of months, we have been talking about how best we can lead and shepherd one another to share the mind of Christ, the heart of Christ, and display the actions of Christ. We’ve decided that one way to help us grow as disciples and as a church is by restarting this GBC blog. 

There will be three general categories of posts: 


This type of post will cover various timeless and timely topics. Here we’ll include "How to..." posts, explainers, and other informative and instructive content. The goal is to be practical in helping us either understand something or learn how to grow in a certain area or perspective. These will be written by different GBC members for the purpose of guiding our thoughts, affections, and ethics as we seek to grow as disciples of Christ.


This category is for recommended resources. This will include book recommendations, links to articles, podcasts, and music, and more. These could be recent resources or timeless, classic works that would help us devotionally. The goal is to be a trusted resource to help filter through the massive flow of information we have coming at us from every angle. We want to curate short lists of quality—though not perfect—Bible-based content for our church.


This part of the blog will be called “Voices of GBC.” It will consist of personal reflections from members of our church body. The goal is to give a chance for the church to get to know individuals in our own community as they reflect on their walk with the Lord. We are so globally influenced, but we live locally. Furthermore, we have committed ourselves in membership, to doing life together as a church, and it’s so valuable to hear one another’s voices.


Each week, our goal is to have at least 1-2 posts that can help us in a few different ways. We’d encourage you to bookmark this page in your browser. Also, we will be sharing these posts in our weekly GBC update, as well as through our social media.