During this season of COVID-19, we are strongly encouraging people to gather in the safe ways that they can. We need spiritual, relational and emotional support during this time. In light of this, we are offering men's groups for you to connect in. 

Small Groups

These groups meet at various times and places. Generally, they are no larger than 5-6 people and meet weekly. The groups study through a book of the Bible (currently our men's groups are studying Romans), or they might study a Christian book togther. 

These groups pray together, seek to support each other and do life together and be a real refuge of community that points one another to Christ and His gospel. 

Interested in joining a group? Click HERE.
Simply look through the groups and click "ask to join" to sign up!

For more information or to get involved, please contact:

Noël Rodman at noel@greshambible.org