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GBC Email Update - March 24, 2022

GBC Kids

Hello GBC Family,

Happy Spring! There is so much to be thankful for and our children’s ministry volunteers are right at the top of the list! I wanted to spotlight our amazing Jr. Helpers. We recently had a Sunday training for our Jr. Helpers and had a great turn out of about 30 total Jr. High and High School students over 2 Sunday meetings before church. That’s most of our Jr. Helpers! These faithful and available helpers show up, are growing and are a vital part of Sunday classes!


We want to help our Jr. Helpers discover their gifts and talents as they learn there is real joy in serving Jesus. We are all disciples making disciples and we want to help our Jr. Helpers learn to share the good news of Jesus with our GBC Kids. All of our GBC Kids volunteers are making a lasting impact as the kids they serve see their love for Jesus!

We are intentionally working with our Jr. Helpers to provide tips and tricks for success on Sundays, as well as meaningful encouragement toward their personal growth in their walk with God. I encourage you to check out our latest encouragement for our Jr. Helpers - GBC Jr. Helper Training, 8 Tips.

We want to remind them to make the most of the Sundays they serve. We know being in church is vital and if they are missing the large gathering together, their classroom that week is their opportunity to learn and grow as they take in the lesson and apply it to their own lives. Jesus is the hero we are pointing our own hearts and our kids to each week!

On Sundays when Jr. Helpers are in class, we encourage them to listen to the lesson, memorize scripture, share the gospel and apply the good news of the gospel to their lives. Our curriculum is such that there are many Sundays where the teachers and helpers in the room are impacted personally by the timely reminders and blessings of God’s word!

Palm Sunday and Easter are quickly approaching. We have special lessons and crafts planned for children and a classroom Easter Egg hunt as well! The egg hunts will take place during class. We realize many of you would prefer your children are with you in service on Easter Sunday and we recognize Resurrection Sunday is a very special celebration and many of you might have guests joining you. Feel free to choose whether your child is in service with you or if you’d prefer they are in class. If classrooms are small on Easter, we will combine rooms as needed.

Our summer information will be coming soon and we hope to have Adult Volunteer training in April. Reach out if you would like to volunteer in Children’s ministries. We always need more volunteers on the team. It’s rewarding and stretching, in all the best ways!

With much love and prayer for you and your families,

Kerri Bryant Director of Children’s Ministry